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IN HOME CARE FOR SENIORS, Inc. is a non-medical care giving agency that provides professional services to the elderly in the comfort of their own homes, assisted living facilities, nursing homes or even in hospitals, when necessary.  We deliver home care to aid the elderly who are otherwise well but needs help in their activities of daily living so that they can stay in their own home for as long as possible.

When you reach a point in your life that you think you need help in your own home...count on us.  We provide caregivers to help you with  your activities of daily living (ADLs).

"Talk to us....we'll listen..."

Our Team
Albert Bernardino, Owner

His advocacy in life is to help others in every which way he can. First of all, the elderly by providing them a high standard of care in order for them to stay in their own homes. Secondly, to help others get a decent job in care giving.  With a degree in HRM, he oversees the business side of things and at the same time help in training to staff.

Oliver Oliva, Administrator

He is a well-seasoned Staffer with over 20 years of experience in this line of work.  He is now in-charge of In-Home's administrative and managerial roles.  He does the Consultation, Assessment and Coordination of Care.

Flor Reyes, RN, Co-Owner

With more than 40 years of Nursing experience, she partnered with the owner to start and build this home care service.  She provides her expertise with the staff's continuing education and offer her support to clients who might need further evaluation due to a change in condition.

"To us, caring for the elderly is a vocation.  It is our mission to make them happy, safe, loved, understood and respected.  To afford them dignity, privacy and comfort in their own home is priceless!"

- Albert Bernardino, Owner

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How We Do It



    (925) 266-2336

If you have any questions about In-Home Care for you, your love ones, or your family member?  Just give us a call and we will offer you a CONFIDENTIAL CONSULTATION.  

A personal meeting can also be arranged by calling or emailing us for an appointment. 

After this confidential consultation and you have decided to proceed, we can then go on with the Client's Assessment.



We will arrange a visit to the client's home or wherever the client might be staying during this time.  We would love to get to know the client and conduct a comprehensive assessment of his/her level of independence, interviewing (the client and the referee) and assessing the client physically.  Information regarding her activities of daily living (ADLs), medications, daily routine, etc will also be gathered during the assessment.

We do confidential evaluation and plan of care according to your needs. We work with your physician, nurse, and other health care professionals in addressing your needs at home. Our concerns are your safety, comfort, hygiene, proper nutrition, etc.




In the PLANNING phase we formulate a care plan for the client and the family according to the needs identified.  During this time shifts and caregivers are matched accordingly.  Upon client's request we can have the caregiver interviewed personally by the client/family otherwise if they trust us enough to start and match their need with our experienced caregivers then we set a START date.

Customizing Care for the client is an on-going process and greatly involves our efficient caregivers, administrator and the client and family.  We make sure that everybody will be pleased and happy with the care plan for the client.

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