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As we continue to touch the lives of others......

Early Beginnings

Our company has been into non-medical care giving services since the 80's. During the early years , we operated Residential Care Home Facilities for the Elderly (RCFE).


In 1998, we diversified into home care services or taking care of seniors in their own homes. This endeavor is very rewarding because we made a lot of families and seniors happy.  


With our dedication and hard work, we were able to make people's lives easier to bear.



Knocked on us


The doors of opportunity knocked on us and we answered it positively.  

The home care service was started simply with a very personal request from a long-time resident of one of our Care Homes.  As the  resident has miraculously got  way better, he was deemed fit to be discharged and cared for at home with assistance.  

With his discharge came the necessity to find a personal caregiver to go home and help him adjust back to home.  Due to this reason, the family preferred and requested to take home one of his caregiver from the care home. 

A great idea sparked and therefore home care services was  born into Our Families For Seniors, Inc (OFFS)..


When you are like family, then everything that matters to you matters to us.

Our Humble Beginnings

As our clientele grew, we felt the need to streamline our operations to address the needs of seniors  in a more efficient and effective fashion. Hence, in May 2013, In-Home Care For Seniors, Inc. was created. We started as a a group of families who pooled-in our skills and talents to make this endeavor a reality. 


At present, the organization is led by Alberto Bernardino a Licensee and Administrator of RCFEs in Walnut Creek and Pleasant Hill.  Prior to putting his hands on this task, Alberto gained his experience, knowledge and wisdom in taking care of seniors being a caregiver himself. 

His passion to take care and understand the elderly in a bigger scale prompted him to take further education as a Certified Nursing Aide (CNA). He also took the course to be an Administrator and finally be licensed to operate RCFEs. 

With a degree in  Hotel Restaurant Management (HRM) from the Philippines, Alberto has greatly utilized these knowledge and skills in the management of the RCFEs into his advantage.

With the infusion of in-home care to his endeavors and with the help of other professionals in the field, Alberto reached out to the elderly and their families and whatever he can share to uplift their quality of life.

He graciously invited Flor Reyes to join his endeavor and therefore maximize her years of experience as a nurse to bring in better care and management of our clientele.

In 2015, drastic changes were brought in to the organization. With the surmounting pressure of managing both RCFEs and In-Home Care, a dedicated Administrator and Manager was named to oversee the operations of the home care services so that Albert can concentrate on the RCFEs.  Slowly, changes and order are put into action.  

The California Law for Home Care Services are bringing in a lot of improvement to the discipline. They are requiring all home care providers to be licensed and caregivers to be registered with the State.   In compliance to this law, In-Home Care For Seniors, Inc. has completed its licensing process in 2016 and is now officially licensed to provide home care services.  Meanwhile, caregivers registration with the State Registry is ongoing.

HCO no.

Our Mission

Values such as  compassion, respect,   patience,  reliability, honesty, conscientiousness, professionalism and orderliness are also inculcated into the mind and hearts of our caregivers. 

Our prime concerns for the seniors are their comfort, safety, nutrition, hygiene, and most of all...a better quality of life.

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