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TRULY ACCOMPLISHED. Last year, 2016, IN-HOME CARE FOR SENIORS, Inc. has truly accomplished one great thing, that is, applying and finishing its licensing requirements as a home care service provider. The new State law governs that all home

care providers be licensed and regulated by the State under the Home Care Services Bureau (HCSB). The new law was placed in order to protect our growing elderly population in California and at the same time protect caregivers too. Being licensed and registered, we protect ourselves too as the State provides us with proper documentations to use in our everyday business. They also inform us of new and upcoming regulations so that we can further improve the service we provide. On the other hand, for the elderly and seniors this opens up a way for them and their family to easily search for home care providers and look up caregivers on the Home Care Aide Registry which was also created as part of this law. Also, it is a platform for them to complain and report misconduct and problems with home care providers and their caregivers.

It was a long and thorough process that took months preparing and months waiting for a response. We have turned all stones in order to comply with the current rules of law. It was a bitter sweet journey for us. Changes were happening left and right as we have just started settling down from the new management that was placed a year before this. I suppose that it all worked for the better because now we can see things shaping accordingly and the business booming from all corners of the county and beyond that.

This journey was a learning curve for us, it also help put our organization and the way we do business in a totally new perspective. Apart from our efforts to register all our caregivers, we are continuously developing ways to further improve the services we offer. The HCSB with its new regulations in place has been a great resource for the improvement we have set in place.

Our License No.

We appreciate these new changes as it does not only protect our aging consumers but also back us up as home care service provider. /O'/

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