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"In-Home Caregivers are Registered"

Caregiver holding her client's hands

We boast the knowledge that apart from having been licensed as a Home Care Service provider, we are also in an "on-going" process of registering our Caregivers with the State's Home Care Aide Registry.

As part of our continuing compliance and for our clients better satisfaction, we have moved forward and actively registered almost all our Caregivers. This directive is part of California's Home Care Services Consumer Protection Act. Together with licensing all home care service providers, they are also promoting that all caregivers be registered with the Home Care Aide Registry. Once a caregiver is registered, he/she will be given a unique 10-digit number that will serve as his/her ID. This ID number will be his lifetime number that caregivers can use when applying and/or working for another outfit as a caregiver.

The Home Care Aide Registry allows clients to check on their caregiver's status. The Registry makes sure that caregivers are cleared of a criminal record background check. It gives reassurance to the clients, their families and the home care provider at the same time. It gives them peace of mind that the person they let in the house to care for an elderly is duly registered to give such care.

Our efforts to meet this mandate is actively on-going and have included this process as one of our requirements upon application of a new caregiver candidate.

Through this effort we can build a more trusting relationship with our clientele and therefore put everyone at ease that indeed we are serious about providing better service and that we do listen to our client's needs. /O'/

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