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IN-HOME CARE FOR SENIORS, Inc. pride itself with the simplified process of taking care of our clients. We start simple, proceed with care and follow through with a personalized touch.

Our first interaction with most of our clients begins with a simple phone CALL either to inquire about our services or ask advise regarding their aging parent's increasing needs or mainly to get help for themselves or their other half. Our Administrator and even our own Company President are always ready to answer your questions on the other side of the line [Tel No: (925)266-2336]. We also welcome office visits and one-to-one interaction with families and clients. We also directly deal with referral agents, your conservators or even the social worker assigned to you while in hospital or the home health team managing your case in the community. You can send us an e-mail inquiry at if that would be more convenient or your preferred way of communicating with us. We have also opened up our flood gates to social networking. We have our own Facebook page- In-Home Care For Seniors, Inc.; Twitter account - @InHomeCare_Inc ; we can be found on the Yellow Page, too [ - In-Home Care For Seniors, Inc. (Concord, Ca)] and more social connections to come.....

During the initial phase, communicating the client's needs is essential. We would ask the usual questions of 'what specific needs they have' and on the other hand, what we can offer. At the same time, we will schedule a client's assessment. This is the part where we meet with the client and family (if possible) to do an assessment.

The second phase is ASSESSMENT, which means further communication. Our Administrator and Coordinator of Care will visit the client-to-be either in their own home, hospital, care facility or wherever they may be at the time of the assessment. During this stage we come and meet the client and their family face to face, our Care Coordinator will do a thorough assessment of the client, the specific needs, the current set-up for the client, treatments, therapies, medical history, people and professionals involved in the care continuum. It was also time to meet with the client's support group, meaning not just the family but everyone involved with the client. Financial assessment will be part of this stage too.

CUSTOMIZING CARE comes last. Personalization involves finding the best fit caregiver for the needs to be met. Setting up the service also means figuring out what schedule works best for the client and for his/her needs to be met accordingly. This phase is not an hour's job, it extends to the full length of our service because this is really just the beginning, the adjustment period for both the client and the caregivers. When adjustments or change either to time or the caregivers are needed, the Coordinator of Care re-assess the situation and then makes the change happen and at the same time informing the parties involved.

In-Home Care For Seniors, Inc. is dedicated to serving well our clientele...... we want to make them feel at home and at ease cause "when you're like family, everything that matters to you matters to us." If you or someone you know and love needs help coping with his/her activities of daily living (ADLs), give us a CALL and we can talk about it, together we can help make things a little bit better for him/her.

Our service is not limited to hourly or 24-hour round-the-clock home care, we also provide Private Sitter to care facilities around Contra Costa County. We also offer Respite Care and/or Rehab Care, which are both short-term care contract that involves a good break for the family caregiver and/or home care and help during the client's recuperation period, respectively. We also care for clients under Hospice Care either for palliative or end of life care.


There is always an open line for you to call or leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

Remember, at In-Home Care For Seniors, Inc. we make it simple: Just CALL US, we'll ASSESS and then CUSTOMIZE CARE according to the client's needs.

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