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Extending Our "Helping Hand"

Last month the North Bay was devastated by this wildfire in the middle of the night and totally erasing communities after communities of great people and businesses. It was frightening to watch and probably more painful to know that some of your friends and/or families have also been affected.

There were even unbelievable news of seniors in facilities left alone by caregivers in the middle of the chaos and if not for a few family members that rushed in to see how their parents are then it could have been a bigger calamity. We have also heard of early and mass evacuations of elderly from rehab facilities in order to ensure their safety especially because of poor air quality all around the north bay during the height of the fire.

In Home For Seniors, Inc. is more than proud to say that in our own small way we were able to extend a helping hand to these needy friends from the North Bay. Some of these veterans who were evacuated from the fire were accommodated here in the East Bay. Our biggest community of seniors in Ross Moor welcomed these vets with open arms. Early morning Wednesday during the first few days of the wildfire our Administrator received calls from Nurses from some of the facilities in Ross Moor asking for aid to help them feed and accommodate these vets and senior evacuees. As early as he could, our Administrator went out and brought them coffee and donuts both for the evacuees and the staff attending to them. In Home served them breakfast for the three consecutive days that follow.

As a result of this, a few of our caregivers were called in for service to assist and help alleviate a bit of pain and mental torture the wildfire has brought to our seniors and vets from the North Bay. They were asked to stay with, talk to and most of the time just listen to our seniors pour their heart out with regards to the devastation they are in at that moment. Merely listening to them was already great therapy for these poor victims; keeping them company was precious.

" Talk to us,

we will listen.... "

We continue to extend our prayers to these communities of seniors and all other fire victims all over the North Bay. We are praying for a fast and orderly recovery not just for our seniors but for every single victim of this wildfire in the North Bay. We are more than glad to have been of help no matter how small it was....


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