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"Holiday Message from Our Company President"

In-home care for seniors, inc. wish to extend our warmest holiday greetings for this year 2017! We are so thankful for clients and families like you that chose us to provide personal home care to you and/or your loved ones. We are very delighted to have been a part of your daily life this year and wish to continue on the years to come as much as your good health will allow.

We are also thankful for our great team of hard-working caregivers that have tilled and toiled to provide the best service possible everyday for each and every client and families we have. I truly treasure you all for your loyalty and honesty with In-Home Care For Seniors, Inc. I am humbled by your commitment to the company and to our clients, for without your outstanding work we will not be able to keep our clients happy and satisfied.

I wish you joy and happiness for this CHRISTMAS season and for the new year to come. May we all continue to work together and do good and share love together. There is nothing better than to see love working in all of us, where there is love, there is hope... a hope for a better tomorrow and a peaceful world that is!

Again, to all our In-Home Care Clients, families, staff and caregivers ... may you all enjoy this holiday with peace, love and hope. Let us all celebrate Christmas with joy and thankfulness with our friends and family and may our New Year be filled with new hope!!!

From my family to yours....



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