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Gift for our Seniors

Gift Pack from In-Home Care

Christmas time is giving and that is true for IN-HOME CARE FOR SENIORS, Inc. During the Holiday Season we went around and did a client call to check with our clients and caregivers alike plus surprise them with our GIFT PACK for each senior client. It is a simple gesture made by the company as a way to say "THANK YOU VERY MUCH" for entrusting your CARE with our company and our great caregivers.

Our GIFT PACK is a simple box of cookies to cherish and enjoy with families visiting, a bottle of red or white wine, a select gift and a card to remember us by. We come by each client's house on a very quick visit just to hand these and quickly check on the client or its family. A personal touch and greeting for the holidays means a lot to our seniors and we make sure we give it our full attention. Together on these rounds were Albert (standing), our ever so hard-working President and Oliver (sitting), our In-Home Care Administrator. With this small token of appreciation, In-Home Care For Seniors wish to extend our warmest greetings for Christmas and New Year to all our clients and their families too. We are hoping that our working relationship will further as your seniors health get better.

Visiting Mary at Walnut Creek

Of course, we haven't forgotten our CAREGIVERS who have worked non-stop over the holidays without complaining and shared some of the most endearing times for some of our seniors especially those who do not have family to celebrate with. Our selfless caregivers tried their best to celebrate the holidays (either Christmas or New Year or both for some) with their client- cook for them, prepare the table, read the holiday cards, help write their senior's holiday cards and send them out, take charge of opening their senior's gifts and make sure their senior enjoy every bit of the celebration as they have through the years paying special attention to each of the client's traditions. We truly appreciate all of our Caregivers' hard work not just during these season but throughout the year, so with that in mind the company has prepared a little bonus for each and every one of them.... in those shiny, red envelopes that they picked up from the office.

Also, gratitude extended to those caregivers who came by to drop off gifts at the office they are much appreciated as well....nothing comes unnoticed here. To a few families and clients that sent their love through holiday cards, thank you very much for including us in your holiday card list.

In-Home Care For Seniors, Inc. had a great year because of YOU, our great clients, and so we pass on all these great blessings back to you and to all our caregivers too. We are hoping for a better 2018 as we all work together to better the life of our seniors around the Bay Area. Thank you everyone for the wonderful relationship we all have developed through all these years....




"TALK.... We'll LISTEN!!!"

Our License to Care for you....

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